Ana S. Trbovich

Full Professor, Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration, Singidunum University, Belgrad

Dr. Ana S. Trbovich is Full Professor at the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration-FEFA in ana-trbovich1Belgrade, Serbia. She teaches and writes on European Integration, Economic Development, Strategic and Public Administration Management. She holds a PhD (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy), specializing in Public International Law and Conflict Resolution, two Masters Degrees (Master of Art in Law and Diplomacy, Fletcher School; Master in Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School of Government) and BA (Tufts University, triple-major in Economics, International Relations and French Literature).

Specialized in EU policies at L'Institut d'études politiques, France, Dr. Trbovich consults for international organizations including EU, OECD, World Bank and USAID. From 2002 to 2006, she served as Assistant Minister of International Economic Relations, coordinating Serbia's EU accession process, and in 2013/14 as Special Advisor to Minister of Economy in charge of entrepreneurship and competitiveness policy.

She is the author of "A Legal Geography of Yugoslavia's Disintegration" (Oxford University Press, 2008), "Public Administration and European Integration of Serbia" (FEFA and Institute for Textbooks, 2010), etc. Dr Trbovich serves on boards of several business associations in Serbia, the Belgrade Philharmonic, etc.


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