Ognyan Minchev

Director, Institute for Regional and International Studies, Sofia

Ognyan Minchev (born on Dec. 2, 1958) is a professor of political science in the Dept. of Political Science at theminchev1 University of Sofia – Bulgaria. He’s also Executive Director of the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) – an independent think tank, providing policy analyses on regional and international security and cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). O. Minchev is Chair of the Board of Transparency International – Bulgaria (an international anti-corruption network). Dr. Minchev is a Fulbright fellow (1991-1992) with the Dept. of International Relations at the UCLA. He has lectured in many US and European universities. Dr. Minchev has also been a visiting fellow (1999) at the Washington D.C. based Center for Strategic and International Studies. Author of numerous publications on the post communist transition of the CEE countries, on issues of international security and cooperation. 


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